CAM Offline Programming

cam offline programming

Cam Offline Programming, otherwise known as CAM, is a method that uses the computer to make precise and repetitive movements on CAM and Solid Works systems. There are many different types of CNC programs which are used for CAM such as AutoCAM, FAP Turbo, Free Rasberry, and Solidworks. They are designed for all sorts of industries such as metal fabrication, plastic injection, aerospace, and woodworking to name just a few. Because they are so versatile, many different companies will use CAM tools to develop their products and services for a wide variety of purposes. One of these industries is the engineering and architectural industry.

Turn Your Cam Offline Programming Into A High Performing Machine

Architects and engineers often need CAM software in order to create worlds that are exactly as they see in their mind’s eye. Architectural plans are often complicated and would not be able to be created by any other means. In order to draw up these complex drawings, engineers have developed CAM tools such as AutoCAM which are capable of both solid and liquid modeling. Solid and liquid models allow engineers to create specific designs by manipulating physical aspects of the model such as distance, height, twist, and other rotational parameters. CAM offline programming is also commonly used by machining centers that wish to create intricate designs for work in progress.

In a nutshell, CAM stands for “Computer Aided Manufacturing” and it is an interactive design program that produces accurate, digital work. This type of technology is great for engineering and architectural firms, because it allows them to easily manipulate physical parameters of their projects in a matter of moments without having to go through a huge amount of detail drawings. For example, if an engineer wants to create a more complicated product design, he or she may simply start with a simple CAM program which generates a work envelope. The work envelope then contains all of the specifics about the size, shape, material used, surface finishes, and other important variables of the particular model that has been produced. From this work envelope, the engineer can then modify the design for accuracy. The benefit of this type of CAM online programming is that it is capable of quickly generating hundreds or thousands of identical products that can be reproduced on any material of your choice.

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