How Bathroom Waterproofing Is Important For Your Home?

bathroom waterproofing

Asian Paints SmartCare Digital Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane can be a triple-layered flexible, hard, elastic and resistant seal laminated behind tiles having SmartCare Thermo Rubber Tile Adhesives offer long lasting bathroom waterproofing for all types of bath/shower rooms. This product is also called Thermo Seal and is the latest innovation in waterproofing products and bathroom and shower floor sealers. It is very easy to use as it is a self adhesive formula that can be applied on all tiles and it seals your bathtub and shower floor. As it is moisture resistant it can be used anywhere there is a need for water proofing such as around sinks and basins.


The benefits of using this kind of a waterproofing product include its use of eco-friendly raw materials, the use of thermoplastic rubber compound, which is known for its durability and dependability, its use of an alkaline base that creates a tough seal that is slip resistant and easy to clean, and its use of a slip-resistant seal that reduces water damage and prolongs the life of your bathroom and shower pans. Its three layers provide superior protection against stains, scents and vapors. Its unique formulation allows it to bond tightly with most ceramic and porcelain tile.


You can find many other companies selling and installing Asian Paints such as Advanced Tile and Concrete Sealer, Advanced Thermo Seal, Advanced Thermo Rubber Seal, BarrierFree, Biocare Thermoplastic Polymers, Eureka!, and Wedi Wear. There are also companies like Smartcare that manufacture and supply a wide range of bathroom waterproofing membranes and sealants including Bubble Shield, Drylock, and Wedi Seal. All of them have good customer reviews. The company also manufactures and supplies barrier protection products, including basement waterproofing systems, high-pressure spray down systems, membrane systems, and fiberglass reinforced plastic membrane products. For more information on products, contact them directly.

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